What we do

We provide Engineering Services, which involve the installation, implementation, and customization of hardware/software solutions.

Our Project Management services cover all aspects of your project, ensuring that you only need to deal with one vendor.

We offer Solutions Consulting services, where we consult with you to identify the most suitable solutions for your business and provide those solutions.

We provide comprehensive Training services for all hardware/software requirements. Our training options include both custom and off-the-shelf options.

There is always a space at our table.

DragonFly Technology is a company that believes in holding space for everyone. It is our goal to create an environment both within our structure as well as with our clients to give a commitment of inclusion.

We strive to dedicate ourselves to the education and understanding of the world around us as it shifts and evolves with time along with equity in treatment. 

We believe in respectful representation, and building self-awareness in understanding who we are in the community.

Diversity/Inclusion Statement