With over three decades of expertise, we specialize in mitigating shortages and overages in licensing, ensuring our customers avoid unnecessary fees and fines. By enabling customers to project and manage software costs based on actual usage, we empower them to identify cost-saving opportunities by detecting redundant or missing licenses.

Our approach involves strategic product sourcing and tailored training, aligning with the unique wants and needs of our customers. This allows internal IT departments to focus on day-to-day operations while concurrently facilitating seamless execution of projects and upgrades.

Projects are executed with utmost efficiency and effectiveness, adhering to customer specifications. This is achieved through continuous communication with our clients, coordination with vendors to alleviate the burden on customers, and vigilant tracking of goals and deadlines.

Our commitment to excellence extends to providing clients access to a distinguished roster of Subject Matter Experts. This elite team enables us to swiftly address and resolve issues, with an unwavering focus on ensuring the success of YOUR project!

Terri Voshell

Terri’s story is a testament to the power of hard work and dedication. With over three decades of experience in software licensing, she has become an expert in her field. Her decision to start her own business and become ESB/WOB certified is a significant milestone, showcasing her drive and determination to succeed.

Terri’s focus on customer service and fair business practices is noteworthy, as it is not always common in today’s business world. Her empathy towards her clients sets her apart and makes her a valuable asset to anyone seeking her services.

Chris Voshell

Chris’s diverse background in both information technology and performing arts makes him a valuable asset to any team. His passion for building social communications shows his dedication to finding innovative solutions for clients.

As a project manager, Chris’s focus on finding solutions that meet the needs of clients is essential to ensuring success. His experience and expertise will help guide the team towards achieving its goals.

Outside of work, Chris’s love for spending time with his family (both fur and human) and engaging in outdoor activities demonstrates his commitment to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Overall, Chris’s skills, passion, and dedication to both his personal and professional life make him a valuable addition to any team.

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“I have worked with Terri Voshell at Dragonfly Technology for about 15 years.

Dragonfly Technology has always been a valuable partner, doing work for my team helping us make smart decisions in technology while keeping costs inside our budget.”

Victor Prudhomme

Otak Inc 2019

“ Terri has provided us​ assistance with training, classes, software​ licensing, tech support as well as​ manufacturing support. I have worked with​ Terri Voshell for over 20 years, and wouldhighly recommend her.”

-Gene MartinTechnology Coordinator
Nestucca Valley School District