Absolute Software Corporation, a Canadian company that specializes in endpoint security and data risk management solutions. Here are key aspects associated with Absolute:

  1. Endpoint Security:
  • Absolute focuses on endpoint security, providing solutions designed to secure and manage devices such as laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. This includes features like device tracking, remote data wipe, and security analytics.
  1. Persistence Technology:
  • Absolute is known for its patented Persistence technology, which is embedded in the firmware of devices. This technology aims to provide a resilient connection to devices, enabling organizations to maintain control and visibility even if the software is removed or the device is off the corporate network.
  1. Asset Management:
  • Absolute’s solutions often include asset management capabilities, helping organizations keep track of their devices, monitor hardware and software configurations, and ensure compliance with security policies.
  1. Data and Device Security:
  • Absolute helps organizations protect sensitive data on endpoints by providing encryption, secure access controls, and tools for responding to security incidents. This contributes to overall data protection and risk mitigation.
  1. Security Analytics and Reporting:
  • Absolute’s solutions typically offer security analytics and reporting features. This allows organizations to gain insights into the security posture of their device fleet, identify potential risks, and respond to security incidents effectively.
  1. Endpoint Resilience:
  • The concept of endpoint resilience is central to Absolute’s approach. It emphasizes the ability to maintain control and visibility over endpoints, regardless of their location or status, ensuring a consistent security posture.

It’s important to note that the specifics of Absolute’s offerings may have evolved or expanded since my last update. For the most accurate and up-to-date information about Absolute and its solutions, I recommend checking the official Absolute Software website or contacting their sales and support teams directly.